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SouthWare StayCurrent Center

Your Business Solution is critical to your business every day.

You should stay current to...

  • Maximize your business flexibility and capability
  • Always have access to the latest features
  • Increase solution reliability
  • Save on support and maintenance costs

Proactive Software Maintenance Assurance

Exerve's Proactive Software Maintenance Assurance (PSMA) covers new software revisions, flash enhancements & patch updates for your core business management solution. This option offers our best coverage with access to the latest features and maximum solution reliability at the lowest overall cost.

Agreement Coverage

  • Major New Revision Updates
  • Regular Flash Enhancements
  • Regular Patch Updates
  • Updates to 1099s & W2s

Additional Benefits

  • Support for Windows 10 & Windows 2012 Server
  • Ability to add new users to your current solution
  • Ability to add new modules to your current solution
  • FREE Internal NetLink Module while current on maintenance
  • FREE NetFlow Module
  • Hardware & OS Support (see Windows Version support information*)
  • Increased Solution Reliability
  • Significant Discount over Irregular Upgrade Costs
  • Special Savings on Support Costs & Service Time Blocks
  • Year-end Help Checklist
  • and much more

Learn about the latest revision...

SouthWare Revision 15

Privacy Policy
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Checks & Other Forms
  SouthwareForms.com and the linked order form are for Dynamic Solutions; a form supply company that supplies SouthWare Excellence Series ready forms.

Starship Rev 9 to 12 Help
starship v9 to v12 help
  The transition from Starship version 9 to Starship version 12 can be challenging for the user. Please use this helpful guide explaining the new user interface.

64 Bit Servers & Applications
SouthWare Support for 64 Bit Operating Systems

SouthWare is a 32-bit application that runs on Windows 64 Bit Servers and 64-bit Workstations in the Revision 15 PLATFORM (8.12 runtime).

If you are running an earlier version of SouthWare please check with Exerve prior to purchasing new workstations or servers with these operating systems.

SouthWare Support for 64 Bit Applications (Office 2010)

If you want to interface to 64-bit 3rd party programs such as OUTLOOK 2010 or ODBC Access using EXCEL 2010, this is currently NOT supported. We do support the 32-bit version of those 3rd party applications.

SouthWare highly recommends that you use 32-bit programs when interfacing to and from SouthWare.

Windows Server Support
SouthWare Support for Windows 10 & 2016 Server

SouthWare supports Windows 10 on Platform 16. Windows Server 2016 is not supported yet. Please contact Exerve before moving to these platforms.

SouthWare Support for Windows 8 & 2012 Server

SouthWare revision 15 is supported on Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server.

SouthWare supports these operating systems on the 9.2 version of the windows runtime. If you are on SouthWare revision 15, and need support for these operating systems, please contact Exerve support to upgrade your runtime to version 9.2.

SouthWare Support for Windows 7 & 2008 Server

SouthWare revision 15 is supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server.

If you are running an earlier version of SouthWare please check with Exerve prior to purchasing new workstations or servers with these operating systems.

SouthWare Support for Windows Small Business Server

Windows Small Business Server is not a supported platform.

SouthWare Release Timeline
1.0 1984
2.0 1985
3.0 1987, July
4.0 1989, December
5.0 1993, November
6.0 1995, November
7.0 1998, July
8.0 2000, November
9.0 2003, July
10 2004, June
11 2005, August
12 2006, May
13 2007, June
14 2008, June
Platform 15
15-2009 2009, June
15-2010 2010, January
15-2011 2011, January
15-2012 2012, January
15-2013 2013, January
15-2014 2014, January
15-2015 2015, January
15-2016 2016, January
With Revision 15, release sequence changed to platforms (Platform 15). Enhancements are now released monthly, as completed, and do not require a full upgrade process. New platforms released when required.
Platform 16
16-2016 2016, May

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