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Ignite Success™ Analysis


Exerve's trademarked Ignite Success™ analysis looks at specific areas of your business and identifies key areas you can address to Ignite Your Business Success.

Inventory Optimization

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How much unnecessary inventory are you carrying right now? The answer could put $$$ in your pocket.

Learn the current value of your inventory, how much obsolete and overstocked inventory you have and the increased profits you could realize by optimizing your inventory!

Sales Management Optimization

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How much faster and more accurate could your process be?

How long does it take your business to process an order? Do you have accurate inventory counts available to give customers good information about when they can expect delivery? Is your new customer recruitment process efficient and effective?

Acquiring new customers is important for growing your business, but maintaining existing customers is crucial. Learn how to turn prospects into customers, monitor ongoing sales opportunities and quickly react to changes, grow customer profitability and sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

We have a quick and thorough review process that will give you good feedback on the current status of your order and sales process and make recommendations on how that process can be improved saving your business time, effort and money.

Service Management Optimization

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How many billable hours are you leaving on the table?

Is your service process scalable? Do you know if you are meeting your service level commitments to your customers?

Our service review process will uncover weak spots and set up a plan to move your service business to the next level - reducing your service team efforts while increasing billings and profits.

E-Business & Web Optimization

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Are you really maximizing your online business potential?

Is your e-business real, or just a shopping cart and a prayer?

Learn how to expand your business online with Web stores that make it easy for customers to find and purchase your products, while enabling you to confidently sell online, accurately track your inventory, and deliver the right products to your customers on time.

We look at your current e-business setup and analyze where you could be. Your e-business should be the fastest growing part of your business. If it is not, maybe you should get some advice on why it isn't.

Return on Resources

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Are you getting good value from your systems and people? Why not find out?

Learn how your business currently performs compared with how it could perform in several key business success categories. Identify strategic action points to improve your business performance in workforce allocation, technology, business process and bottom line results.

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Privacy Policy
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"Exerve is an integral part of our team - making use of the CIO-service offering - growing and expanding our company and our capabilities. The quality and know-how provided by Exerve is by far superior to anything a typical smaller/mid-size company could expect from its own staff..."   more

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